Tuesday, August 16, 2016

French Curves | Maxi Dress

Coucou habboubat!
Nous sommes le 16 Août 2016 et les French Curvettes sont de retour pour un nouveau challenge!
Les mois passent vite et les challenges sont de plus en plus intéressants et fun; et les French Curvettes continuent à émerveiller avec leurs différents styles et personalités pétillantes.
Ce mois-ci, le défi est sous le thème de la Robe Maxi!

Hello habboubat!
We are the 16th of August 2016 and the French Curvettes are back for a new challenge!
Months are passing quickly, and the challenges are getting more and more interesting ans super fun. The French Curves never cease to amaze everyone with their different styles and refreshing personalities. This month, the theme of the challenge is the Maxi Dress!

Il y a quelques petites semaines, je suis allée voir l'ouverture des nouveaux magasins Forever 21 à Ibn Battuta Mall (Dubai). Apparemment, ils ont agrandi l'espace et ils avaient enfin inclus la collection plus size. Un petit 'event' était organisé pour l'occasion. Même si la section grande taille reste très petite comparée à la grandeur du nouvel espace, je me régale quand même! J'avais mon oeil sur cette robe, et là une fois le challenge announcé, il n'y avait plus d'empêchement de me la procurer.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to check out the new Forever 21 stores in Ibn Battuta Mall (Dubai). Apparently, they were expanding the space and they had finally included the plus size section. It was just a small event, nothing extra. Even though the plus size section is small compared to the rest of the store, I still really enjoy roaming around! I have had my heart set on this dress since it came out; and as soon as the theme of the challenge was announced, there was no more stopping me from getting it.

J'ai aussi décidé de porter un cardigan long avec cette robe. Dernièrement, je suis super fan des ces cardgians, même si on est en plein été. On échappe à la chaleur et à l'humidité en ce moment, donc la plupart de nos activités sont à l'intérieur, dans les centres commerciaux, etc... Là où il fait frais, se couvrir avec des cardigans c'est très pratique!

I also paired it with a longline cardigan. I have been in love with cardigans lately, even though it is summer. But since the weather has been so brutally hot and humid outside, most of our activities are indoor, in malls, etc... So these cardigans do come in handy!

Je vous laisse découvrir ma tenue!
And here is my outfit!

~ OOTD // Tenue du Jour ~
Plus Size Ruffle Maxi Dress (Burgundy)
F21+ Longline Black Cardigan (similar)
EVANS Butterfly Statement Necklace
Wetseal Crossbody Bag (similar)

Le French Curves, un challenge créé en 2013 par la "fabulous" Gaëlle Prudencio, est un collectif de blogueuses francophones aux courbes généreuses, qui souhaitent montrer que le style n’a pas de taille si de morphologie, et que la mode est accessible à tous, le tout dans une optique body positive.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Q&A Jonquel Art | Body Positive Art and Plus Size Fashion Illustration

Pokémon Fashionistas by JonquelArt

Hello my lovelies!

Body Positive Art and Plus Size Fashion Illustration.
How often do you come across sketches and illustrations that reflect your image as a plus size, big and/or curvy woman? Luckily, since the plus size fashion movement has been on the rise, more and more artists and illustrators are emerging. It is important to have a community of designers, artists and illustrators The creativity of these talented individuals will nourish and add value to this rising fashion movement. When I am looking for plus size and body positive art and illustrations, it feels like I am on a treasure hunt. And when I finally do come across someone who is beyond talented, it is as if I have fallen into a pot of gold! It is a gratifying feeling to find illustrators who are able to portray plus size women with such wit, style, diverse body shapes, beautiful details and above all they convey body positivity, femininity and beauty!

I am so fortunate to have been able to interview New York based, fashion designer and illustrator the lovely Jonquel Norwood! Her 100% body confidence, cartoon-style, girl-power, plus size art will leave you in absolute awe...

1. Who is Jonquel Norwood?
Jonquel Norwood is a small town girl living in a big city. She’s a lover of anime, comics, cats and cheesecake. She is also an artist, an artist who has dedicated her work to challenging the world’s idea of beauty.

2. How did you become an illustrator? Was it a life-long fascination - a clear as daylight goal - or did you have to go through crossroads until you found your calling?
I became an illustrator simply be calling myself one. Illustrator is just means that my art tells a story and that it is for profit. I’ve been drawing since I was 15, it was just a calling. Once I started no matter how hard I tried (and I did try) I couldn’t shake the dream of wanting to be an artist. This is not for the weak at heart, being an artist is a hard road as there is no set plan.

Shopping day by JonquelArt

3. What was the first artwork you saw that caught your attention and till now is marked in your mind as a source of inspiration?
The work of Walt Disney. The Disney princesses will forever be my first source of inspiration.

4. How would you describe your talent, illustration style and passion-filled bubble of art?
I create sassy, stylish, confident women, who just happen to be curvy. My style is very cartoon like because as I mention before my main influence is Disney and anime with a Sex in the City twist. 

5. What is your favorite medium and why? (Paint, pens and crayons vs Digital)
Favorite medium will always be acrylic paint, work on canvas is always more powerful to me. However my illustrations are a mix of hand drawn ink drawings and digital coloring. This allows me to have speed, easy editing, storage space and quick delivery to clients.

6. What was the most fun and favorite character you ever worked on?

The characters from my Rihanna inspired Work piece. I had to watch a bunch of twerking videos to create them.

Work by JonquelArt

7. With technology omnipresent in our daily lives and tasks, many contemporary artists are arising and they are finding it easier than older times to promote their work.
A world filled with competition. What makes your artwork stand out and what are some of your ultimate ambitions?

To be honest I’m not sure what makes my work stand out. I’m just putting myself out there and giving it to the world, it’s a very scary thing. I would like to be an internally known artist, who travels around the doing my part to bring body positivity to the fore front. I want to be a major part of the movement and inspire little girls/boys who don’t always believe in themselves.

8. With the plus size movement on the rise, it is refreshing to come across talented illustrators like yourself, who depict curvy women and plus size fashion in their artwork.
Recently, Supermodel Emme helped Syracuse University, New York launch the first-ever fashion design program to include lessons in designing clothing for curvy women. Ground-breaking! Would you ever consider contributing to fashion design schools whether in publishing a book on how to design/sketch/illustrate or even give classes?

Absolutely, it’s one of my biggest dreams in fact. In fact I hope to start my own YouTube classes soon.

This Body by JonquelArt

9. JUST FOR FUN - Our childhood is where pure creativity and imagination reside.
If you had to choose two trinkets, accessories, objects or whatever it is, from your childhood, what would they be and why?

My childhood sketchbooks, according to my mom I would fill up sketchbook after sketch with what I called “my fashion girls” apparently I never drew stick figures but girls in elaborate outfits.
I remember none of this. Also just for fun my Polly Pocket collection.

10. You create elegant, feminine and confident curvy figures.
What are the top 5 items in your wardrobe that empower you?

1. A really good purse, capable of carrying every item I could possibly think of.
2. A flirty high low dress.
3. A pair of high heels
4. Great pair of denim jeans
5. Fabulous earrings.

11. Tell us something not everyone knows about you?
I was once a bellydancer, costume and all.

There you go lovelies! A quick Q&A that will only give you a glimpse into Jonquel Norwood's fascinating art bubble, so don't be shy and follow her!
Her work is WOW-amazing!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Evolution of Nounzilicious: A Quick 1-Min Survey

Hello lovelies!

I have just set up a poll and I would truly appreciate it if you could take a minute to answer one question. I am reaching out to you, to get your direct feedback that will help me improve and make my Facebook page and blog even more interactive and accessible.
I am looking forward to reading the final results!
Thank you so much ♥

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kick start your day with JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich!

☼ Good Morning Sunshine!

The secret to all-day energy? Kick start your day with an invigorating shower. Hot or cold, a morning shower wakes up your senses, improves blood circulation and decreases stress. And, when you add a little pampering, with JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich, you can turn your shower into a spa-like experience.

That’s because JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich body washes do more than just cleanse your skin! Made with nourishing natural extracts and moisturizing glycerin, their creamy, skin-loving formulations restore essential nutrients and replenish lost moisture, leaving your skin beautifully soft.

What’s more, the bubbly lather of the Vita-Rich body washes bursts with fragrance. Take your pick: berry, pomegranate, papaya, rose or grapeseed - whichever is your favorite - will have you smelling fresh and feeling rejuvenated all summer long!

JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich Body Wash
retails at AED 10.58 (250ml) | AED 15.18 (400ml)

➔ Vita-Rich Revitalizing Body Wash with Grapeseed Oil. This crisp body wash gives your skin instant freshness and glow. Grapeseed oil contains Vitamin E which acts as an exfoliate, removing dead skin cells to reveal healthy, clear skin, and it’s also a powerful antioxidant that revitalizes the skin.

➔ Vita-Rich Smoothing Body Wash with Papaya Extract.
This luscious, tropical body wash cleanses your skin impeccably, getting rid of all impurities, while also providing hydration.  Papaya, a natural exfoliate popular in traditional skin-toning remedies, helps to smooth the skin's texture, leaving it soft and healthy.

➔ Vita-Rich Brightening Body Wash with Pomegranate Flower. This body wash has a warm, sweet flowery scent. Its fragrant formula is infused with pomegranate flower extract that helps buff away dead cells to brighten the skin and even out its texture. 

➔ Vita-Rich Soothing Body Wash with Rose Water. A staple in traditional Middle Eastern home beauty remedies, rose water is known for its hydrating and soothing benefits, especially for sensitive skin.  This delicately scented body wash also soothes your senses! 

➔ Vita-Rich Replenishing Body Wash with Raspberry Extract. This body wash is simply summer in a bottle. The wild berry and raspberry are packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants that keep the skin supple and replenish lost moisture, and give this wash a refreshing, bright and breezy scent.

JOHNSON’S® Body Care Vita-Rich
range is also available in bar soaps, body lotions and body creams at leading modern convenience stores, hyper-markets and pharmacies across the GCC.

Have a fabulous day lovelies!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

“There Is No Wrong Way to be a Woman!” - by Denise Bidot

Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti, international plus­size model, TV personality, the voice and
advocate for curvy women and body­-positivity, Denise Bidot has recently launched her
new brand! I have been following her since her appearance in Curvy Girls.

A classy and beautiful woman inside out, an undeniable inspiration to many women and I also got the chance to meet her in person! I still can't believe it to this moment! Surreal...
I am very excited to share these amazing news with you.

Inspired by all the women in her surrounding, Denise Bidot had been promoting a very empowering motto “There Is No Wrong Way to be a Woman!”. The slogan and hashtag went viral and became not only a slogan for curvy and plus-­size women, but for all women, no matter what their size or body shape is. Last week, her words of empowerment have seen the light as a Denise Bidot brand. Her campaign showcases women of all ages, all shapes and all sizes.

This big step does not come as a surprise, as Denise Bidot has immensely contributed to the big changes sculpting the new face of the Fashion Industry. From being the first plus ­size model to walk two runways for straight­ size brands to being the face of the Danish brand, Zizzi Clothing, it all has positioned herself to be a leading figure for all women of different sizes.

Denise Bidot truly knows what it means to be and feel completely beautiful in her skin.
Now, she wants to share that confidence with the world. The international plus size
supermodel makes no apologies on condemning societal standards of beauty. For
anyone who has ever been told they aren’t good enough, pretty enough, tall enough,
skinny enough, light enough, dark enough or anything in between, Bidot is shouting out loud “There Is No Wrong Way to be a Woman!

“While the world around us may try to force us into specific categories in order to measure up to a certain definition of beauty, I say I’m in a category all my own. My movement is all about inspiring others to love themselves exactly as they are because our differences are what make us perfect. If we are sincerely ourselves without apology, there’s no way we can go wrong.”

With There is No Wrong Way to be a Woman, Denise aims to inspire people from every walk of life to claim and own their unique individuality and beauty.

Live unapologetically. Own your unique beauty. Claim what being a woman means to
you. Only YOU write the rules!
Join the conversation online #NoWrongWay. What does being beautiful mean to you?


Friday, June 17, 2016

French Curves | RETRO

Coucou habboubat!

Nous sommes le 16 Juin 2016 et les French Curvettes sont de retour pour un nouveau challenge!
Les mois passent vite et les challenges sont de plus en plus intéressants et fun; et les French Curvettes continuent à émerveiller avec leurs différents styles et personalités pétillantes.
Ce mois-ci, le défi est sous le thème du style rétro!

Hello habboubat!

We are the 16th of June 2016 and the French Curvettes are back for a new challenge!
Months are passing quickly, and the challenges are getting more and more interesting ans super fun. The French Curves never cease to amaze everyone with their different styles and refreshing personalities. This month, the theme of the challenge is
retro style!

J'ai commencé ma 'recherche' en revisitant quelques vieux albums photos. Ma source d'inspiration, c'est ma grand-mère Siham. Elle aimait souvent me raconter ses histoires et ses aventures quand elle était jeune. Elle m'avait même avouer qu'elle ne s'était jamais trouvée belle mais plutôt 'moyenne'! et la tête que je faisais quand j'entendais ça lol non mais j'hallucine! On la comparait à ses soeurs et cousines qui étaient plutôt blondes et "plus belles". Elle était la seule jeune fille aux cheveux noires, à la peau bronzée: elle est belle ma petite grand-mère chèrie...

Je vous laisse découvrir ma tenue...
Just to get the ball rolling, I started going through some old photo albums for inspiration. My source of inspiration is my grandmother Siham. She always loves to tell me her stories and adventures when she was younger. She even once told me that she never really found herself beautiful but rather refer to herself as 'average'! You should have seen my face when I heard her say that! I was in shock! People, family and friends used to compare her to her sisters and cousins who were blonde and "prettier". She was the only young girl with black hair, tanned skin: she is beautiful my sweet grandmother ...

Now, check out my outfit...

J'ai opté pour un top style vintage. Je m'imaginerai bien comme ça dans une vie passée hehe

~ OOTD // Tenue du Jour ~
Plus Size Floral Chiffon Button-Down Blouse
Wetseal Textured Knit Pleated Midi Skirt
EVANS Beige Pocket CardiganWetseal Vegan Leather Rounded Flats With Lace-Up Ankle

Le French Curves c’est un collectif de blogueuses francophones aux courbes généreuses, qui souhaitent montrer que le style n’a pas de taille si de morphologie, et que la mode est accessible à tous, le tout dans une optique body positive. Le challenge a été créé en 2013 par Gaëlle Prudencio du blog The Curvy And Curly Closet.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Virgin Megastore Ramadan charity initiative with Dubai Foundation for Women and Children

 In keeping with the benevolent spirit of Ramadan, Virgin Megastore has initiated Pay it Forward, a new project, in collaboration with Fetchr, to support the Dubai Foundation for Women & Children, which provides protection and support services to victims of domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking.

Pay it Forward aims to bring much needed essential supplies to those most in need.  The initiative also encourages and facilitates people all over the UAE to make donations in the easiest way possible – straight from their own front door, whenever they order from the Virgin Megastore online store. Donations can also be made across all Virgin Megastores in the UAE.

“Our purpose as a brand is built around doing business for good and our ongoing recognition of the responsibility we have towards the communities in which we both work and live. For the Pay it Forward campaign, it’s been very moving to see the level of support and involvement we have received from both our customers and Fetchr.  We are humbled by the work done by the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, and we hope that Pay it Forward will raise awareness for DWFC’s cause that goes far beyond this campaign and Ramadan,” says Nisreen Shocair, President of Virgin Megastore.

How does it work? With a delivery of any item purchased through virginmegastore.ae, each delivery box includes an instruction manual on how to repurpose the same box to make donations. Once customers have re-packed the box with donations, they can use the pickup services through the Fetchr app or just drop off the repackaged boxes at any Virgin Megastore branch in the UAE.

"Fetchr is proud to partner up with Virgin Megastore for a truly worthy cause during the holy month of Ramadan. The initiative shares the true meaning and values of this peaceful month, which is all about sharing and giving back,” says Joy Ajlouny, co-founder of Fetchr.

All donations go to the Dubai foundation for Women & Children. The initiative is based on the principle of 'paying a good deed forward' and to inspire people to help make a difference or a positive change in someone else's life.

“We are very pleased to cooperate with Virgin Megastore to support the victims of violence of women and children. We believe that such a step from a popular name like Virgin Megastore will have a positive impact on this cause in UAE and will encourage more entities to engage more in social work”, says Jawaher el Dossari, Funding Director at the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children.

::Details of how it works::

    → Order online on virginmegastore.ae
Once you have received your package and done unpacking and enjoying your cool new items, hold on to your box.

    → Pack pre-loved items
Most of us have pre-loved clothing and other items that we no longer need. If you do, pack those items in the box and seal it. All items must be new or in perfect condition

• Items we are looking for:
    → Baby/toddler/children clothing & toys
    → Feeding and safety accessories
    → Women’s clothing and accessories
    → Electronics

• Items to avoid:
    → Fragile/breakable items
    → Liquids/foods/medicines
    → Overweight items (max 10 kg)
    → Send your box with Fetchr

Download the Fetchr app from the App Store or Google Play, request for a delivery and use the promo code PAYITFORWARD to obtain a free delivery. Or just drop off the repackaged boxes at any Virgin Megastore in the UAE.